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Budget with our world class money management tools. Shop at the stores you love through Float. Earn an interest-free line of credit. Build your credit score. Borrow when needed to fill the budget gaps!

Interest-free Credit

Float earns money from advertising. In return, we provide an interest-free line of credit. Use the money however you want. See Loan Terms

Shopping Deals

Float offers exclusive deals based on group buying power and your loyalty. We'll even tailor the deals to your favorite brands.

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Float has helped change my mindset regarding budgeting. Float allows you to - without spending any additional money - plan your spending better and improve your credit.

--John, Texas
I enrolled in Planned Spending and really like it. My cards come twice a month and I don't have to think about it. It's just one small thing that makes my life so much easier.

--Tina, Kentucky
"I love absolutely everything about float the people behind the scenes that have had immense patience with me with my endless questions, the advantages of interest free loans, the way I am finally able to see exactly where my money is going.

-- Elizabeth, Florida"
I really enjoy the concept of Float - it is working out really well for me. Thank you so much.

-- Caridad, Florida
Your company is non-traditional in the most refreshing way possible, and I'll continue recommeding you to my friends.

-- Jay, Texas
What don't I love?! I'm happy to build a line of credit for myself just buying the things I normally would. Win-win.

-- Angela, Kentucky